IOP invests in middle-market companies throughout North America. We have made acquisitions in 19 states, two Canadian provinces and Mexico. Here are some key characteristics of our typical deals:

Manufacturing or value-added distribution businesses in any sector

  • Our investments span industries from building products to transportation to consumer goods manufacturing. We are open to any company that is in manufacturing or distribution, regardless of what they make or ship.
  • We look for businesses that have defensible market, customer and product positions over the long term.
  • We must see clear-cut potential for operational improvement and/or growth.

Companies in the $30 – $400 million revenue range with a compelling position

  • Our platform companies are typically between $30 and $400 million in revenue, with positive EBITDA preferred but not required. Strategic acquisitions for our companies can be any size.
  • We make control-equity investments generally between $10 and $75 million, though we can make larger investments if a situation requires it.

  • We seek to invest primarily in privately held companies and corporate divestitures, as well as restructurings, public-to-private transactions and bankruptcy situations.

Positions with operational control, but partnered with management

  • In most cases, our platform companies have strong incumbent managers in key functions, though it’s not a requirement.
  • We strongly believe that management teams should share in the financial success of our investments.

  • IOP is always open to our management teams investing alongside us when they find our operating thesis to be compelling, but we do not insist on it.

Usually buying from company owners, not other private equity firms

  • We understand that IOP is involved in a business for a relatively short period of its overall life. Therefore, we consider ourselves stewards of companies during our ownership, with a desire to position them for long-term success.
  • We seek to fundamentally improve the performance of our businesses to the benefit of employees, customers, suppliers and community, as well as shareholders.
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